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OK it's official! I have changed my journal name from:

na_kabaji_usu to melpants


That is all.

Fanime PoT Gathering Photos

Sorry for the delay! I was waiting to get the pics from our friends since we didn't take any photos ourselves but here they are!!

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If any of you were thinking of NOT going to see this film YOU ARE SILLYHEADS. UNF UNF UNF Malfoy is a pimp.

More review and brains tomorrow after work.
BYEBYE OFF TO SLEEP FOR... 2 1/2 hours before getting up for work ^_____________^

*shoots self* :D :D :D

FUCK YEA, LAPTOP!!! I mean, Seaking?

\o/ Guess who has a new power cord for her laptop?? If you haven't guessed ME yet, you're a sillyhead! \o/

Now to start poking at Fanime pics X3 and all that good stuff. I need to start backing up my pics and music and videos on top my HUGE new external drive in case this ickyness happens again. I'm planning on getting a new laptop at some point this year, but I think it'll wait til fall/winter. As long as this one's still going, I'll be okay. Oh laptop, I missed you~

I have this weekend off. I think I'll either clean and throw out a bunch of the crap in my room or I'll sew. I'm in the mood to randomly make a Sailor Scout fuku but... I don't know which one to do. I'm leaning towards Mercury, Venus, or Moon herself. We'll see. I need to do Raikou hakama, but those are easy. I've made Hakama twice before already.

Anywho, I'm off to do a happy dance to JOURNEY, bitches. JOURNEY. I bought The Essential JOURNEY, 3 discs of AMAZING.

My b-day report :D

So, I stayed up all night friday night to try and get my costume done. I honestly didn't start sewing the dress until friday evening even though I had the day off. I'm just stupid and like to procrastinate like that.

SO. Saturday morning around 10ish, I wake Jackie up and we figure out what time we're getting together to go. So I'm trying to finish the dress still, the back wasn't connected to the front and there was no zipper and the lining wasn't sewn on and XD There were no sleeves on the dress yet and the cape wasn't done XD So 12 comes around and she's still there so I had time.

To save you all a long story, the costume is DONE... kinda. The dress is sewn together and all the accessories are done and ready, they just need to be attached to the dress. The cape still needs it's little tabs sewn on but that's ok.
I didn't wear it to the con. BECAUSE, even though it was done, it was a rushed done and I didn't feel right like leaving the house looking like that. PLus, the sleeves are too wide at the top so the back kinda flops out and then the front drops XD SO it's done, just not completely fitted right XD I ran out of energy to fix the sleeves, so I'll do that later.

Now that it's all 'done', i'm going to go in and fix the little things that bug me about the dress. Like, line the sleeves since they look gross with hemmed edges. And fix the bottom because for some reason, one corner of the back doesn't line up with the rest of the dress O_o And then, I'll buy some more metal snaps so I can attached the gold pieces to the dress so they'll stay on more securely than with the cheap plastic ones i had laying around.

ANYWAY, TL;DR, I know, let's move on to the pics :D I took some pics of what Jackie and I wore to the con :D I didn't have the energy to finish sewing the dress, so i didn't have the energy to iron Ringo and wear her XD SO i just kinda threw an outfit together. It's very Nana inspired considering it's mainly made up of my Nana cosplay stuffs. Only difference is that I don't have a Nana wig. So I wore my Rei Ayanami wig :3
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OK :3

Is anyone else as retardedly excited about this as I am? I even looked up the price of flights to japan. You know, JUST IN CASE I COULD MAGICALLY AFFORD TO GO XD

Nia wig part 2!

I think I'm just about done! :D I didn't curl the blue hair because I kinda just want it to be an accent color to the hair. I dunno. We'll see how it looks when the whole costume is put together.

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I think my mom's supposed to be at work right now >___> hmmm... to wake her or not to wake her...


Nia costume progress!

Yes, that's right, I haven't forgotten my goal of finishing my Nia costume by next weekend! Today I started working on the jewels and the wig! I don't have the time or the outdoor temperature to do resin casting for jewels right now so I tried a different technique using hot glue gun glue in the mold. It worked. So cool. I just sharpied them the right color after. These are just my stand in jewels until the weather gets nicer i.e. closer to Fanime.

Here are some progress shots of the wig!


Yaoi Con 2008 post-con

So Yaoi Con is overs :D Had a relatively good time despite being ridiculously tired now.

I managed to get through the PoT gathering pictures from this morning pretty fast though. So, here they are, the best of the ones I shot:


Pandect Cosplay Photoshoot

GUH, FINALLY DONE with this one ;D
PoT from the gathering and randomness will be next-o!!

Fleance tamayaki ♥!!! THANK YOU
Edgar melpants

If you are not familiar with Pandect, plz to be getting familiar ;D It's a fantastic webcomic that I've been following for YEARS. Seriously. Since, like, 2005.

*PIMP* http://pandect.comicgenesis.com/ *PIMP*

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